Best Cinnamon-wood charcoal tooth powder 100% fluoride free...

If you’re new to the Cinno-Plus fam and want to know how to get a glowing smile and a healthier mouth keep reading. We have devised a little guide on what to expect when purchasing products our famous Activated Charcoal Toothpowder.

100% vegan
& Organic
Free floride

Fluoride-free Natural teeth whitening powder

100% Organic

Ceylon Cinnamon wood Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder has been formulated to help remove stubborn stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth for a whiter brighter smile.

Change Your Life

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Cinnamon wood charcoal tooth powder with black papper

This is fresh and hot flavored tooth powder made using organic black papper and cinnamon wood charcoal

Cinnamon wood charcoal tooth powder with turmeric

Turmeric is the best natural germ killer it will improve your oral health cinnamon wood charcoal and turmeric is the best combination.

Cinnamon wood charcoal tooth powder -Natural

This is basic tooth powder all other flavored powder bases on this made using "Ceylon cinnamon" wood

Features & Benefits



what we use for cinno-pluse

100% Natural & fluoride free

Cinno-plus is 100% fluoride-free natural cinnamon wood
charcoal teeth whitening powder.

cinnamon wood


We used cinnamon wood to make activated charcoal ita main raw material of cinno-plus.

ceylon black pepper

ceylon black pepper

Ceylon black pepper is another mean ingredient in our tooth powder it makes your mouth fresh.



We used organically farmed turmeric for our products 100% natural no-mess alternative for brighter whiter teeth.



Carefully selected best quality cloves grown upcountry in Sri Lanka 100% natural and it has the natural aroma make your mouth fresh.

World's best cinnamon...

We used Ceylon cinnamon wood for making activated charcoal select carefully and using the traditional way to make charcoal all the process made by hand with care.  

cinnamon tree
ceylon organic cinnamon tree
cinnamon tree

                                              Customer Reviews 

Good experience

Amanda M.

“We’ve seen amazing results already.” It’s Good to rest assured there are no harmful ingredients. and Happy to say the product is the best.

Love it

Susan J.

Love this healthy alternative!

Clove test is best

Greg L.

Cinno-Plus tooth powder is the best. I do not even like using toothpaste anymore, and you don’t need to. It also makes your teeth look so much cleaner and brighter.it’s nice with clove test I highly recommend it.

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