About Us

Made and owned in Sri Lanka

From  Ceylon to the world, we make natural friendly oral care flowing from our ancestors.

Best cinnamon from southern province in
Sri Lanka

How we make the best cinnamon wood charcoal.

We use the best cinnamon wood for making charcoal after removing the outer peel dry the wood under sunlight for two days then we put in to the burner to make charcoal not using any chemical or fuel for burning woods.

We Help You Stay Healthy

minimizing carbon footprint

we make an effect to minimize carbon footprint to protect mother natuer.

Growing place

"Elpitiya" in the southern province in Sri Lanka is the place of grown cinnamon for cinno-plus features a tropical rainforest climate the city has no true dry season. though it is noticeably drier in the months of January and February. As is commonplace with many cities with this type of climate, temperatures show little variation throughout the course of the year, with average temperatures hovering at around 26 degrees Celsius throughout.

Sustainability is very close to our hearts.

Sustainability is a part of every decision we make – from recyclable packaging to sourcing our ingredients from Sri Lanka to reduce our carbon emissions. And our products 100% Eco friendly keep loving to mother natuer.

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